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Investment Capital

We facilitate investment capital for:

  • Mining
  • Inventory
  • Retail
  • JV's

Non-Banking Finance

Ascari provides global, non-banking financial assistance, that is based on collateral in the form of jewelry, precious metals, colored gemstones, and diamonds. We offer various terms and interest charges based on the type of collateral, term of loan, and value of loan.


We assist in the repatriation of businesses and assets. With over 12,000 customers in the US and over 5,000 in the Europe, we help move businesses or their assets from countries where doing business has become difficult. Typical relocation is to the US, UK, or Malta. We also consult on immigration with a top US law firm.

Joint Ventures

  • We build JV setups with strategic partners
  • Full business establishment with customer base
  • A-Z establishment in new country

Vendor/Customer Connection

With our high level of business savvy in the industry space, we know which vendors suit which customers and vice versa. We bring a perfect solution for international brands and companies to establish business in the US without all the initial costs and effort, and offer global procurement of raw materials such as ethically mined precious metals, to diamonds, colored gems, and jewelry manufacturing. Our network will present and distribute your products in the US on your behalf to our trusted retailers.


We help businesses to create and navigate clear paths of success in this business with know-how, innovation and creativity, providing workable solutions to any challenge in the industry. We have a proven track record of over $1 billion annually.